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Origin of Propre

Propre compiles information about properties across the world and makes it publicly available in various languages, currently in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Also Propre provides information about property investment regulations, which differ from country to country, in order to support cross-border property transactions.

Our service’s name 'Propre'—an alternative form of 'Proper' meaning appropriate, honest, and clean—is meant to call forth 'property' as an asset.
'Re' at the end of 'Propre' also refers to 'real estate'.

Key operating members at Propre have actual experience conducting cross-border property investments. Our services arise from deficiencies we felt needed to be filled in order to address issues and challenges we experienced through our own cross-border property investments.

Investment in properties in distant countries with different languages, local customs, and environments may involve huge risks. In such situations, it is difficult to assess if even basic property information provided by local property agents is reliable. Therefore, we consider it of first and foremost importance to solve information asymmetry to carry out successful property transactions based on mutual trust between sellers and buyers.

Through Propre's services, you will be able to assess the sales/purchase price of the target property by comparing with the surrounding market. Generally, an excellent property should be priced with a premium compared to the surrounding market. Our services offer convincing justification to those who are interested in purchasing such excellent properties when they make investment decisions. You will be able to present the attractiveness of your properties to potential customers across the world through Propre's platform, based on reliable and transparent property information.

Furthermore, Propre provides new solutions to remotely manage distant properties. In addition to monitoring cash flow information for each property online, Propre offers on-demand property management services, enabling property owners to order tasks customized to each property when necessary.

We are striving to create an environment where users across the world will be able to purchase and manage distant properties in a smooth and increasingly efficient manner.

About Propre

Propre is an innovative property search engine.

We independently gather and organize property information from all around the world to share with our users.
Our goal is to create an inclusive and transparent property market where everyone has access to accurate information.
We will provide our users with the opportunity to access property information from around the world that you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Make property investments a part of your life. Propre can help make it possible.

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Propre Japan Inc.
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Key members

The key members of Propre are a unique and professional group with diverse backgrounds.
Hisaya SHIRAIPartner and Representative Director
After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, Mr. Shirai joined Yasuda Trust and Company Inc., where he focused on treasury investment development. In 1998, he moved to Lone Star Opportunity Fund, where he engaged in the pricing of non-performing loans, real-estate valuations, and the management of acquired assets. In 1999, he joined Merrill Lynch Japan Incorporated, where he was responsible for pricing and underwriting distressed debt, real estate, financing, and equity investment transactions. He was promoted to Director in 2005. He then joined Morgan Stanley Japan Securities Co., Ltd. as Executive Director and was responsible for the sourcing and origination of equity investments, specifically in the Media, Entertainment, and, Contents sector. In 2007, he co-founded White Notes and has conducted various investments in emerging markets. He founded Propre Japan Inc. in July 2016. He remains a registered Real Estate Transaction Manager. He founded Propre Pte. Ltd. in December 2017.
Eiji NAKAIDirector
Eiji Nakai started his career at Goldman Sachs in 1987, where he held a number of positions, the last of which was Head of Yen Fixed Income Trading in Japan. After Goldman, he spent nine years at Deutsche Securities, where he was a Managing Director and Head of Global Markets in Japan. He was also a Global Markets Committee member of Deutsche Bank Group. He joined Barclays in 2004 to lead the firm's franchise in Japan. He was appointed Co-Chief Executive of Barclays across Asia Pacific and also Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Securities Japan Limited. He was a member of the Investment Bank Executive Committee. In December 2019, he joined Propre Pte. Ltd. as a Director. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Tokyo. In 2014, he was nationally recognised by the Japanese government, with a Konju Hosho (Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon), for his ongoing support of the public education system.
Oki HATTADirector
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine in 1999. He joined an IT venture during the course at Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo to start up a new business related to marketing data analysis. In 2002, he became the head of data science department of a strategy consulting firm and was engaged in new product development and branding consultation services for a wide range of large companies. He then founded ECNEICS LABORATORY CO., LTD. ( in 2006. ECNEICS LABORATORY has managed to establish a competitive and differentiated position as marketing data science company based on scientific theories and approach. Since 2009, ECNEICS LAVORATORY expanded its business franchise in four ASEAN countries and is currently engaged in start-up venture investment, incubation and new businesses development. He invested in Propre Pte. Ltd. in October 2018.
Kit Yin POWChief Marketing Manager
After graduating from Southern College (Malaysia) Department of Business Administration, Ms Pow joined the S.Y. Khoo Auctioneer Firm, where she worked on documentation and marketing of distressed properties. In April 2003, she joined Mohm Chemical as Business Development Executive. She planned and attended worldwide exhibitions to promote the company’s products and to secure new business. She was also involved in packaging design and shipping arrangements. After 8 years with Mohm Chemical, she joined White Notes SG Pte. Ltd. in November 2011 as Marketing and Administrative Executive.
She joined Propre Japan Inc. in January 2017 and Propre Pte. Ltd. in December 2017.
Ryota NEGISHIChief Technology Officer
He majored in sports science, specializing in biomechanics, at the University of Tokyo, and he was the captain of the university’s Ski Team. At a research institute , he was engaged in analysis of data regarding Olympic athletes and their motion. After graduation in 1999, he joined the mainframe division of IBM Japan, Ltd., where he played a wide range of roles including planning, designing, development, and maintenance of mission-critical systems for financial institutions, as well as engaging in overall project management and contractual negotiation. After IBM Japan, he founded and runs R-Sports Web, Inc. providing a full range of services including consultation, planning, development, and maintenance of IT systems and web sites for various corporations, institutions, and organizations. His policy is focused more on ‘how to utilize IT’ than ‘how to install IT,’ and his approach to IT strategy, incorporating the needs of both IT service providers and users, has been well appreciated. He joined Propre Japan Inc. as CTO in January 2019.
Shudo HATTAChief Data Scientist
After graduating from the Undergraduate School of Media and Governance of Keio University in 2004, he joined a consulting firm specializing in data analysis, where he engaged in marketing consultation projects for various industries using cutting-edge analytical technologies and models. In 2014, he joined M3 Inc., a leading medical portal site operator. At M3 Inc., he established a data analytics team focusing on business intelligence and research, and headed data analysis projects for pharmaceutical companies. He was named the company MVP for his analysis of optimized resource allocation for advertisement and sales channels. He joined Propre Japan Inc. in January 2019.
Yukito ONOPartner
Upon leaving an engineering position at Nestle Japan Ltd. in 1999, Mr. Ono entered the financial field. He joined Deutsche Securities Limited in 2000 and was involved in a wide range of investment banking transactions, including cross-border M&A advisory and capital markets financing. In March 2004, he joined Merrill Lynch’s Global Principal Investment Division, where he engaged in equity investments associated with corporate turnaround. In May 2005, he joined Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd. (formerly Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd.), the securities subsidiary of the largest Japanese financial group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.. He joined White Notes in 2007 as a co-founder and has been involved in data analysis including integration, validation, and evaluation. He joined Propre Japan Inc. in September 2016.
He holds a Master of Chemistry and Biotechnology from the School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo.